Best Man ‘steals £8,000’ and ruins Stag Do

Stag and Hen do’s are meant to be the a great way of making memories with old and sometimes new friends. A way of letting the hair down away for everyday life and having a few laughs and maybe a drink or two.

If your lucky its usually the best man who organises the stag do (wasn’t the case with my husband but that’s a story for a different day).

The only thing the group including the stag should worry about is getting time off work and sorting out spending money.

Your best man, after all, is the person you trust the most and usually your life long friends. So leaving the responsibility for booking flights, hotels etc is a simple task.

Now image finding out immediately before departure that the ‘bestman’ has taken all the money everyone has given them and spent it on themselves.

Ben Whincup from Swindon unfortunately found out the hard way that his best man had done this. The group had trusted the best man with £8,000 to organise the stag do in Las Vegas, but instead of booking flights and hotels he had simply spent it on himself.

The Stag party was relatively small, three friends from his local rugby league club, his two brothers-in-law, his dad and a family friend.

Source: Facebook

Ben said, “I’d always dreamed of playing the tables in those iconic casinos and what better time than just before I get married?”

“We had decided on the flights and the hotel on the strip where we would stay, and he just said he’d take care of it all.

“We handed over more than £700 each and trusted him to deliver the dream trip. In the weeks running up to the stag, we were all getting excited and there were no signs that anything was wrong.”

What worse is that it wasn’t until the night before flying out that the best man actually broke the news.

He said: “I could not believe what I was hearing. I never even got angry really, it was just shock and disbelief.

“You can’t believe someone would do something like that. So we’ve gone from thinking we’d be at a pool party in Vegas to sat having a beer in Swindon.”

So instead of a lads weekend away in Las Vegas, they had to settle for a few pints in Swindon instead – something they had done many times before.

Wiltshire police confirmed that a man was arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation and has been released under investigation while enquiries continue, saying: “We can confirm this matter is being investigated. It would be inappropriate to comment further.”

It is quite common for one person to make all the bookings and collect everyone’s cash and 99.9% times there are no issues.

There are a few things you could ask for along the way to make sure they have actually booked it, these would include flight receipts, hotel booking confirmations etc – but if you can’t trust the best man who can you trust.

I am currently booking my sisters Hen Party so won’t reveal the location here as its a surprise, but everyone has sent me payments, but others have been involved in helping to book hotel and way of getting there.

I hope Ben has a nice wedding and happy marriage even if he didn’t quite get the Stag do of his dreams.


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